Super Robot Construction Combiner 25-in-1 Robot and Truck Building Sets for Kids Ages +6



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25-in-1 Robot


  • Unlock 25-in-1 Building Adventures: Dive into a world of creativity with our set of 573 building blocks, providing an array of 25 exciting construction possibilities. Choose from three distinct building schemes – kids can assemble 12 mini construction trucks, featuring 2 unique car sets (24 in total, 12 in each set), or they can embark on the epic journey of constructing a grand yellow robot, with 3 sets to select from. Each box lets you create your preferred set.
  • Effortless Assembly: Our comprehensive manual, included in the box, makes bringing your creations to life a breeze. Children can easily follow step-by-step instructions and use the provided separator to reshape blocks, giving life to their imaginative designs.
  • Fueling Expansive Creativity: Our Yellow Robot adheres to standard building block specifications, ensuring compatibility with most blocks you may already have at home. With this versatile building block set, kids can construct engineering vehicles, robots, and explore limitless creative horizons.
  • The Perfect Gift for Boys Aged 6-14: Whether it’s playdates with friends or quality family bonding on special occasions, this building block set provides an ideal platform for boys to enjoy. It’s an exceptional gift choice for your kids, nephews, and grandsons, promising hours of constructive entertainment.
  • Safety as a Priority: Crafted from high-quality ABS material, our Robot building block set prioritizes user safety, ensuring a harm-free play experience.
25-in-1 Robot
25-in-1 Robot

Easy to Rebuild

From the user’s point of view, we have developed a special disassembly tool for the difficulty of disassembling building block toys. Using it to disassemble toys is very simple, allowing you to stay away from the pain caused by using both hands to disassemble the toy.

25-in-1 Robot
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