LEGO® Creator Exotic Parrot 31136 Building Toy Set; Parrot, Fish and Frog Construction Models for Kids Aged 7+



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31136_Creator 3in1


Little builders and passionate animal fans aged 7+ can travel deep into the rainforest for action-packed stories with this LEGO® Creator 3in1 Exotic Parrot (31136) building set. It features a colourful parrot that can fully rotate its body while sitting on a tree branch and move its wings and tail. 3in1 toys kick-start creative fun Kids have the chance to build 3 different exotic animal toys with this fantastic LEGO 3in1 set. They can build a colourful parrot sitting on a tree branch or rebuild it into a playful fish swimming at the bottom of the sea or a cheeky frog that can move its legs. A fun digital experience for LEGO fans Download the LEGO Builder app and step into a new world of building fun where kids can zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track their progress.


  • Playset includes 3 exotic animal toys in 1 box for countless play options
  • Kids can play out 3 different rainforest stories with their animals
  • The parrot, fish and frog toys all feature posable parts
  • Kids aged 7+ can use the 253 pieces to enjoy a rewarding build
  • This building toy is a portable size for kids to take wherever they go
  • Look out for the Space Shuttle (31134) and other LEGO Creator 3in1 playsets
  • Discover intuitive building instructions in the LEGO Builder app
  • Since 1958, LEGO bricks have been made from high-quality materials
  • LEGO bricks meet stringent global safety standards

3 exotic animals in 1 set

Kids venture into a tropical rainforest with a LEGO Creator set featuring posable parrot, fish and frog toys.

31136_Creator 3in1

Exciting rainforest adventures

This colourful LEGO playset lets kids aged 7+ develop their building and storytelling skills with 3 exotic animal models.

LEGO Creator Exotic Parrot

31136_Creator 3in1

31136_Creator 3in1

31136_Creator 3in1

Posable parrot

Bird can rotate on its perch and move its wings and tail.

Swimming fish

Fish can lift its fins and be moved up and down.

Leaping fun

Colourful frog has posable legs.

31136_Creator 3in1

Fun LEGO build before role-play action begins

Kids can experience a fun-filled building task before enjoying endless play possibilities with the 3 posable animals.

31136_Creator 3in1

Enjoy a fun digital experience

Little builders can save their progress, zoom in and rotate their models in 3D with the LEGO Builder app.

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