LEGO® NINJAGO® Jay’s Titan Mech 71785 Building Toy Set for Ages 9+, Featuring a Battle Mech Toy and Ninja Minifigures



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Kids aged 9+ will enjoy playing out nonstop, gripping ninja action with this LEGO® NINJAGO® Jay’s Titan Mech (71785) building set. The posable toy mech features a cockpit on its chest for Jay, a large dragon blade, 2 katana swords and 2 shooters mounted on its shoulders. 5 minifigures for epic battles This cool toy playset for kids includes 5 minifigures: ninja warriors Jay and Nya, who are each armed with a sword, a Pixal Bot, and green bone warriors Bone King, Bone Knight and Bone Hunter,who have their own weapons from the bone warrior assorted weapons pack, plus a fast-firing double crossbow loaded with 4 darts and mounted on a wagon. There is also a Pixal Bot. LEGO Builder app Let the LEGO Builder app guide you and your child on an easy and intuitive building adventure. Zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track your progress.


  • Battle mech toy for kids to stage exciting ninja playtime battles
  • 5 minifigures: Jay, Nya, Bone King, Bone Knight and Bone Hunter
  • Titan Mech features a cockpit, 2 katanas, 2 shooters and a dragon blade
  • The double crossbow is loaded with 4 darts so kids can enjoy firing fun
  • Look out for other all-action LEGO NINJAGO sets for even more ninja fun
  • This 794-piece ninja playset is a fun for ninja fans aged 9 and over
  • This mech toy can be played with by kids at home or taken on a playdate
  • The LEGO Builder app lets kids see their model in 3D as they build
  • Since 1958, LEGO bricks have been made from high-quality materials
  • LEGO bricks meet stringent global safety standards
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