Wild Republic Cuddlekins Giraffe, Plush, Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gifts for Kids, 17 Inches



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The tallest mammals on earth are the one and only giraffe. It is obvious from one glance at them why that previous statement is true. Be careful not to get a kink in your neck from looking up at these animals to long. When your feet feel tired from standing all day from a hard day’s work, imagine spending most of your entire life standing up, either to sleep, eat, or give birth. That is the life of a giraffe. Giraffes are one of the most popular zoo animals. Wild Republic would like you to bring home a piece of the Africa savannah to your humble abode. The plush giraffe pictured above is a fantastic toy for kids. This is no ordinary plush animal. Realistic stuffed animals are the perfect alternative to a traditional giant teddy bear. This huge stuffed animal is a whole lot of plushy. Do not worry! Cuddlekins are easy to clean, surface washable and built to last. This toy for toddlers just wants to be held and cuddled with. Your toddler will love touching this plush toy, do to it being constructed of soft, high quality materials. Let the adventures begin and the memories last a Lifetime.


  • Roam the African savanna with this giraffe stuffed animal that is ready to play and cuddle.
  • A unique combination of a real-life giraffe’s graceful beauty and soft cuddly feel of a plush toy, makes this plush a must have stuffed animal.
  • Stuffed animals make fantastic toys for kids, and are also fun for animal themed birthday parties, as everyone loves plush animals.
  • This giraffe plush is made of soft, high quality materials and is approximately 17 inches.
  • Stuffed animals make great kids bedroom decor or party theme decorations.

Brand: Wild Republic

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