Deerlee The Deer Magic Mixies Pixling.Mix A Magic Potion That Magically Reveals A Beautiful 16.5cm (6.5″) Pixling Doll Inside A Potion Bottle!



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  • Mix your potion and a Pixling doll will magically appear!
  • Add the magical ingredients and watch as your elixir becomes a deep blue color inside the bottle, then turn and press down on the Crystal Gem topper…
  • Say the magic words “MAGICUS MIXUS” and prepare to witness real magic! Before your eyes the blue potion will turn clear, magically revealing a Pixling inside the bottle!
  • Meet Deerlee, the beautiful Deer Pixling whose Potion Power is the “The Spirit of Adventure”!
  • Deerlee The Deer Pixling is poseable with 7 points of articulation. She has rooted long hair, a softgood skirt and detailed shoes.
  • The Pixlings’ potion bottle includes a doll stand allowing the Pixling doll to be posed and displayed.
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