LOL Surprise OMG Sunshine Makeover Fashion Doll – SWITCHES – Includes Colour Changing Features, Multiple Surprises, and Fabulous Accessories

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  • INTRODUCING LOL Surprise O.M.G. Sunshine Makeover fashion doll Switches! Switches always does the unexpected by switching between her preppy and bold looks and especially loves reppin’ her favorite color, pastel pink!
  • COLOR CHANGE FEATURES Take Switches outdoors during any time of day whether it’s sunny or cloudy, or even indoors next to a window, and check out her glamorous makeover. Watch the dramatic hair and fashion color change surprises reveal!
  • MULTIPLE HAIR AND FASHION LOOKS When exposed to light, Switches’ matching checkered top and sleeves dramatically changes color from pink to purple, while her fashionable skirt, high socks, and boots all have purple floral prints that come to life.
  • ENDLESS TRANSFORMATIONS You can repeat the color changes over and over again! Head back indoors to return Switches to her original look and go back outside, or by a window, to experience her gorgeous transformations again.
  • RUNWAY READY: Dress Switches in her one-of-a-kind fashion and accessories that showcases her preppy style including her matching checkered top, sleeves, and skirt, another cute pink skirt, stylish high socks, and boots! She has stunning features, beautiful hair, and is articulated with tons of poses. Pro Tip: Hands are removable for easy dressing.
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