Barbie Cutie Reveal Teddy Bear Plush Costume Doll with 10 Surprises, Mini Pet, colour Change and Accessories, Fantasy Series ​​​



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What you see as ‘just playing Barbie’ today, is actually preparing her for her future. Barbie encourages imagination, expression and discovery through play.


  • With 10 surprises in 1 package, the Barbie Cutie Reveal Fantasy Series dolls deliver the cutest unboxing experience with soft, plush animal friends and fashions, surprises and transforming fun (each sold separately, subject to availability)
  • Unbox the package to find a soft, plush dreamy teddy bear with a Barbie doll inside
  • Lift the costume head to reveal a posable Barbie doll with long, colorful hair and twinkle-shine face details
  • Open the 4 surprise bags to find clothes and accessories: a shimmery skirt, pair of cool shoes, sponge-comb, teddy-bear headband and mini pet teddy-bear
  • Kids can dress and accessorize Barbie doll by reversing the costume top to find a super-soft fleece jacket with a sparkly star print; The costume head turns into a bed for the mini teddy bear friend, too
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