Barbie Color Reveal Foam Doll Assortment



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These Barbie Color Reveal dolls deliver the ultimate unboxing experience -25 surprises, including a Barbie Color Reveal doll, pet friend, five repeat color-change features, a plug-in ponytail, two fashion outfits, kinetic sand, a sun umbrella, a child-sized charm bracelet with a fruit charm and a bubble packet to make fruit-scented foam! Each set has a different theme -pineapple, strawberry or watermelon. The packaging is part of the fun, too -to reveal the doll, pour the scented bubble solution into the tube and shake. The solution turns into a colorful, fruit-scented bubble foam, and when the doll is pulled out, her look is revealed! Pour the foam from the tube into the fruit-shaped packaging and add more water for a fun foam pool party! Open the surprise bags to discover fashions, accessories and a plug-in ponytail to create two complete looks. And the surprises continue…dip the sponge in ice-cold water to activate the color-change features -like on the doll’s face, decorated swimsuit and ponytail hair piece. Color-change effects on the pet friend and fashion accessory add to the surprise fun! With the use of warm and ice-cold water, kids can repeat the wow color-change moments over and over again! Kids get a wearable gift, too -a fruit-charm hidden inside the kinetic sand attaches to the charm bracelet. With so many surprises and pieces, kids will have so many stories to tell. Which doll will you reveal Kids can collect them to mix and match accessories and expand the storytelling possibilities! Includes Barbie Color Reveal doll, fashion and accessories. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.


  • The Barbie Color Reveal dolls deliver the ultimate delight with 25 surprises and a fruit-scented foam reveal; Kids unbox this multi-piece set to find a Color Reveal Barbie doll, pet friend, 2 complete fashion doll looks, 5 repeat color-change features, kinetic sand and a child-sized charm bracelet with a fruit charm
  • Start the reveal experience by opening the outer layer of packaging and removing the 19 mystery bags with hidden contents; Remove the tube’s outer layer of packaging, unscrewing the top and pulling out a doll covered in a bright pink, purple or blue Color Reveal coating
  • Simply pour the scented bubble solution into the included tube with the doll and shake it until foam forms, creating a colorful and magical effect
  • Remove the doll to reveal her look -each doll has a different combination of eye color, skin tone, molded hairstyle and fruit-themed fashion look; Which will you reveal
  • Open the mystery bags to reveal their surprises -1 pet friend, 2 fruit-themed fashion outfits, a plug-in ponytail hair piece and additional sun-themed accessories like a sun umbrella, sand box and kinetic sand

Brand: Barbie

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