KidzLabs Magnet Science, 10 Experiments and Games, Construct Super Magnet Racer, Create Magnetic Sculptures



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Become a master manipulator of the magic-like powers of magnets with these 10 fun experiements and games!

Construct a super magnet racer, a compass yacht, a mysterious dangler. Play a fishing game, create a magnetic sculpture and more. So much to do and learn as you safely investigate the scientific principles behind magnetism!


Inclusions: 2x Super power bar magnet, 2x ring magnet, 1x set of magnet handle, 1x car/boat chassis, 4x wheel, 1x long axle, 1x short axle, 1x rod for fishing wand/yacht mast, 1x fishing wand joint, 2x ring magnetic joint, 5x magnetic fish, 20x metal screw nut, 1x roll of thread.

Recommended Ages: 8 years +. Adult guidance is recommended


  • MAGNET SCIENCE: Learn the scientific principles behind magnets through this immersive educational toy.
  • 10 FUN EXPERIMENTS: Construct a super magnet racer, a compass, a mysterious dangler. Play a fishing game, create a magnetic sculpture and more.
  • EDUCATIONAL TOY: Used to enhance children’s development in hand-eye coordination, logical thinking skills, memory retention and building skills.
  • STEM LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: A great learning resource to stimulate mental development, learn STEAM principles, encourage children’s natural curiosity. Recommended Ages: 8 +
  • 4M CORE PRINCIPLES: Imaginative, creative, inspiring and fun educational toys and products to instil healthy STEM development in every young, flourishing mind.

Brand: 4M


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