Transformers BWVS-05 Rattrap vs. Terrorsaur 2-Pack



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Bring the ultimate Transformers experience to your collection with Takara Tomy Transformers BWVS-05 Rattrap vs. Terrorsaur 2-Pack! These adult collectible Transformers action figures for adults feature authentic Takara Tomy design and deco. The figure is showcased in premium deco and detail and comes in its original packaging with Japanese-language instructions.


  • AUTHENTIC TAKARA TOMY DESIGN: This Transformers premium adult collectible BWVS-05 Rattrap vs. Terrorsaur 2-Pack is an authentic Takara Tomy product, inspired by the Beast Wars: Transformers animated series
  • BEAST WARS RATTRAP CONVERTING FIGURE: The Rattrap figure converts from robot to rat mode
  • BEAST WARS TERRORSAUR CONVERTING FIGURE: The Terrorsaur figure converts from robot to Pteranodon mode
  • PREMIUM ACCESSORIES: Figures feature premium deco, details, and accessories. These figures come with 2 blaster accessories
  • HIGH ARTICULATION FOR POSES: Rattrap and Terrorsaur action figures are fully jointed and highly articulated, allowing for intricate posability in action poses
  • ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND INSTRUCTIONS: This Transformers action figure 2-pack comes with original packaging and Japanese-language instructions
  • EXCLUSIVE CHARACTER CARDS: Comes with 2 Japanese-language character cards for the Rattrap and Terrorsaur figures


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