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Debuting in the mid-1960s, Animal Man was born after an alien visitation. After a stint as a member of the Forgotten Heroes, Buddy became a founding member of Justice League Europe. In his own title, he discovered his true origins and even broke the fourth wall, meeting the writer of his exploits. Animal Man became an ambassador of the Red, at one point changing his look with long black-and-white hair.


  • Animal Man, also known as Buddy Baker, is a character within the DC Comics multiverse known for his ability to harness the abilities of animals through a connection to the morphogenetic field, granting him their powers.
  • Initially, Buddy Baker gained his powers from extraterrestrial sources but later retcons in his storyline established his abilities as stemming from his connection to the “Red,” an elemental force that links all animal life and their abilities throughout the universe.
  • Through his connection to the Red, Animal Man can mimic the abilities of any animal, including their strength, speed, flight, and senses, enabling him to adapt in various situations and battles.
  • Buddy Baker has been depicted as a family man, balancing his superhero responsibilities with his personal life. His storylines often explore themes of family, morality, and the impact of his powers on his life and the world around him.


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