Anime Heroes Jujutsu Kaisen Megumi



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  • Fight curses and be in the action – Fushiguro Megumi is a grade two Jujutsu sorcerer who was mentored and brought into Tokyo Jujutsu High by Gojo. He placed a special request for Gojo to train Itadori after he found out that Itadori could incarnate Sakuna. Megumi has gown close to itadori and Nobara after many trials and encounters that forced them to rely on one another to come out alive
  • Manga Inspired packaging – Each Anime Heroes line has manga inspired packaging and beautiful artwork on the front featuring the characters you know and love
  • Endless Play – Each figure come with 2 sets of interchangeable hands, character specific accessories, and 16+ points of articulation to pose and play in endless ways
  • Collect them all – Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America has a line up of the most iconic Jujutsu Kaisen characters in the Anime Heroes Action Figure line. Perfect for you to show off your fandom and collect your favorite characters
  • Impressive likeness – Each figure comes with detailed sculpt and true to show features that Anime Heroes action figures are known for

Brand: Anime Heroes

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