PAW Patrol Lookout Tower Playset with Toy Car Launcher, 2 Chase Action Figures, Chase’s Police Cruiser and Accessories

Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower Playset Review

If you have a child who is a fan of Paw Patrol, then the Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower Playset from Spinmaster is a toy that you should consider. This playset is an impressive two and a half feet tall and comes with various functions and features that will keep your child entertained for hours. In this review, we will discuss the unboxing and assembly of the playset, its features and functions, what we love about it, and our recommendation.

Unboxing and Assembly

Initial Expectations

The playset arrives in a sizable box, and we couldn’t help but wonder what surprises it held inside. The box itself showcases the tower’s vibrant design, promising an exciting adventure.

The Challenge of Assembling the Playset

Upon opening the box, we realized that the Playset comes in pieces and requires assembly. While this is common for such intricate playsets, we found it a bit challenging to put together. The assembly instructions are included, but they could have been more detailed and user-friendly. It took some time and effort, but the end result was worth it.

Note: The assembly process can be a great bonding experience with your child. Working together to build the Lookout Tower adds an extra layer of fun and accomplishment to the playset.

Quality of Assembly Instructions

It’s important to note that the assembly instructions, while a bit challenging, are essential. They guide you through the process, ensuring that you don’t miss any steps. A little patience and careful reading will get you through it.

Features and Functions

The Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower Playset is packed with features that will keep your child engaged for hours. Some of the highlights include:

  1. Rotating Periscope: The tower includes a rotating periscope that allows your child to scan Adventure Bay and keep an eye out for any trouble. The rotating action adds a realistic touch to the play experience.
  2. Lights and Sounds: To make the adventure even more exciting, the tower is equipped with lights and sounds. When you press the buttons on the tower, you’ll hear familiar Paw Patrol phrases and see flashing lights.
  3. Interactive Pup Pad and Signature Phrases: The interactive pup pad is a hit with our little reviewer. It features various buttons that trigger signature phrases from the show, immersing your child in the Paw Patrol world.
  4. Slide and Unique Flip Feature: For some action-packed play, the Lookout Tower boasts a slide for the pups to use when they’re ready to race to the rescue. Additionally, there’s a unique flip feature that allows the pups to “spring” into action, adding an element of surprise to their missions.
  5. Working Lift and Pup Pack Storage: The working lift takes the pups from ground level to the lookout, just like in the show. It’s a thrilling feature that mimics the show’s action. The playset also provides storage for the pups’ pup packs.


What We Love About the Set

Impressive Size of the Playset

The Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower Playset is notably large, which adds to its appeal. The impressive size makes it a fantastic centerpiece for your child’s playtime.

Inclusion of Batteries

One delightful surprise was the inclusion of batteries with the playset. This means your child can start enjoying the lights and sounds right away without needing to search for batteries.

Variety of Characters and Accessories

The playset comes with two Paw Patrol pups, Chase and Marshall, along with their accessories. This variety allows your child to recreate their favorite rescue missions with different characters.

Quality and Attention to Detail

The quality of the plastic and attention to detail in this playset are commendable. It’s clear that the creators paid close attention to replicating the look and feel of the Paw Patrol world.

Encouraging Imaginative Play

Paw Patrol is all about teamwork and problem-solving, and this playset encourages your child to engage in imaginative play while mimicking the adventures of the beloved pups.

Anticipated Hours of Imaginative Play

With its array of features and characters, we anticipate that this playset will keep your child entertained for hours. It’s a fantastic addition to any playtime routine.

Suggestion to Assemble Before Christmas

If you’re considering this playset as a Christmas gift, we recommend assembling it beforehand. This way, your child can dive into the world of Paw Patrol on Christmas morning without any delays.

Conclusion and Recommendation

While it is not the cheapest toy, we believe that it is worth the investment. Children can get hours of imaginative play out of it, and it is a great gift for Paw Patrol enthusiasts. We recommend assembling it before Christmas to avoid any disappointment on the big day. The Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower Playset is suitable for children aged 3 and up. It’s an ideal gift for young Paw Patrol fans and can provide hours of imaginative play. As for the retail price, you can find this playset on our website,, at a competitive price. Check out the product page for the latest deals and offers.

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