LEGO 76199 Marvel Spider-Man Carnage Mask Building Set

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Carnage (76199) Helmet Set Review

Today, we’re diving into the thrilling world of LEGO as we explore the LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Carnage (76199) Helmet set. This collectible building kit is part of LEGO’s Marvel helmet collection and is set to coincide with the release of the Venom sequel, “Let There Be Carnage.” In this comprehensive review, we will cover all aspects of this exciting set, from its set details to its final rating.

Initial Impressions

Upon first glance, some fans may have apprehensions about the design of the Carnage Helmet. However, as with most LEGO sets, the true magic is revealed during the build. As you start assembling the pieces, you’ll quickly be drawn into the world of Carnage. The set comes to life step by step, making it an exciting experience for builders of all skill levels.

Build Experience

The building experience of the Carnage Helmet is truly unique. The use of pink bricks and other elements may seem unusual at first, but it contributes to the distinct look of Carnage’s face. The set takes a few hours to complete, offering a satisfying challenge without being overly time-consuming.

Detailed Examination

Carnage’s helmet/face is a masterpiece of design. The attention to detail in capturing Carnage’s menacing look is remarkable. The set also includes stickers and a printed plaque that adds to the overall aesthetic. The design team at LEGO has done a fantastic job, but some fans might have hoped for additional features like tendrils to make the set even more dynamic.


No LEGO set is without its flaws, and the Carnage Helmet is no exception. One noticeable flaw is the stray stud on the right eye, which can be a minor distraction from the overall appearance. Additionally, when viewed from different angles, Carnage’s face might not appear as menacing as expected, which could be improved in future designs.

Comparison and Conclusion

When compared to other Marvel helmets in LEGO’s collection, the Carnage Helmet stands out for its unique character design. It’s a worthy addition to any Marvel fan’s display. In conclusion, this set offers a fantastic building experience with some minor flaws. We rate it at 4/5 stars. We recommend the LEGO 76199 Carnage Helmet for fans of LEGO’s helmet collection or Carnage/Spider-Man enthusiasts.

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